Thursday, February 18, 2010


I have been so lazy the past couple of weeks! I have totally slacked with my eating. I haven't been keeping a food journal. And, I have hardly exercised!
I am starting a boot camp this week and I am excited! I need to get myself in gear!

Monday, February 15, 2010

California & Arizona!

We went on a road trip to California this past week!
Here we are just heading out!
We went with Erin and her two boys!

They FINALLY fell asleep so we could make the end of the 14 hour trek!

We drove to San Luis Obisbo and stayed with Megan!
She showed us around her town!

This is the view from Megan's back yard! It was so dang pretty! I loved it there! I could totally live there!
We had a sweet, disco dance party with the kids!

We played in her back yard!

We hit up in n' out burger!

We drove around and saw some sights and stopped to enjoy a couple of beaches too!

This is a classic picture! Megan, Erin and I were best friends since high school and we have kept in close touch ever since! I am fortunate to have them as some BFF's!!

After spending a few days with Megan we drove to Santa Cruz to meet up with Erin's sister, Angie - who is one of my good friends too!

After a day or two there, Erin dropped my boys and I off at the airport and we flew to meet up with Sean and Brynn, who were in Arizona.
Our flight was oversold and we didn't get to get on the plane because they didn't have two seats left! I about died! I had to spend the whole day at airports with the kids and it was a bit rough. William was such a good boy though!

Sean was in AZ for business and so we tagged along for the holiday weekend!
We hung out with friends and ate out a bunch...

We went swimming...

We went and saw the Mesa Temple...

We went to a way cool park...

It had a little amusement park there for the kiddos...

While I was in California with the boys, Brynn was in Arizona with Sean. She got to go golfing with Sean and she got to go to the zoo too!
We all had a super fun week! It was so great to get out of the house and out of the cold!