Monday, May 10, 2010

San Diego!

Sean and I went to San Diego for the weekend! Here we are hitting up our first of three stops at a food network recommended restaurant! Point Loma Seafood. We have actually been eating here for years - yummy!
Sean had a surprise for me and had lined up a ride in a small airplane with our friend Adam!

You can see the San Diego temple in this picture from the plane.
Adam gave Sean a mini flying lesson and let him fly the plane and land it too!

Afterwards we went to a super delish sushi joint.

Then, we met up with Adam's girlfriend and got some frozen yogurt.
The next morning we went running on the beach - it was awesome!
Later that day we went and looked at some houses with a Realtor.

Food network restaurant number two: Hash House a Go Go!
This place was unreal! I highly recommend it!

Every day we were there we hit up a bunch of different beaches.

We stopped by the temple.

And, restaurant number 3 was this place.

I SO did not want to come home!! It was such a fantastic trip!

Brynn had a one mile run at school and we went to support her!