Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Throwndown Amatuer Fights

Sean, "though guy" Whalen decided he was going to do an MMA fight the other night at Throwdown. They had amatuer fight night before the UFC fights, and Sean just literally to a lot of peoples suprise said I'm in!
Let me just mention, he has had no training, and no experience what so ever.
He literally just showed up and wanted to fight.
Crazy Irish Man! It was a full blown MMA fight, 3, 3 minute rounds inside the cage. All they wore were these little gloves, and a mouth guard.

In the Zone... He was so focused and ready. We asked if he was nervous, and of course you could tell he was, but he kept saying "I just want to get in there and do this"!

Ready to Roll! Right before they called his name.
(Enough Vaseline?!)

Let the fight begin! He was matched up with another guy he had never met. They both weighed in, and then it was fight time!!
This is right after the ref stopped the fight. Sean TKO'd the guy in 55 seconds in the first round!! It was scary, but he was so excited to do this, and of course after winning, he was on top of the world!
The Trowdown guys helping him out, and congratulating after the fight.
TKO in first round! That is the guy he fought.
The guys at the gym were really supportive of Sean. He has been working out for months at Throwdown and wont stop talking about how much he loves the new workouts, and what he is learning.
On cloud 9 after the fight.
The Guys of course were all in attendance supporting Sean. Becasue it was a last minute deal, he feels bad becasue there were a lot more people he would have wanted to invite seeing this might be the one and only time he fights. I hope..... :)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend!

On Thanksgiving Day, we actually went and ate at BYU with a few of my family members.

It has been tradition for a few years now ever since it got too crazy to get the whole family together on Thanksgiving - so we now do our whole family Thanksgiving Dinner on Friday every year at my mom's house. It actually works out really good!

I know I look like 5 months pregnant in these picture's. The good news is that I am pregnant! The bad news is - I am only 2 & 1/2 months! Oh gosh!


Brynn had a Thanksgiving party at school on Tuesday and came home with these fun outfits!


We went to the mall on Friday morning to see Santa fly in on a helicopter. We had never done it before and the kids were excited about it, but I would not go again and not recommend it! It was pretty boring and anti climatic!


See my cute sister?!! She would kill me for this, but I am looking for some eligible bachelor's to set her up with! Let me know if you know anyone!

Me and Haley (She is due at the same time as me, but with twins!! Holy cow!!!)


Saturday morning William had a little accident as he was running through the house and scratched his eye. We had to take him to the doctor and get his eye patched, but thank goodness the scratch healed and his eye is better already!


It is tradition to get our Christmas tree on Sean's Birthday every year, but seeing as he is going to be out of town we decided to go get it this weekend and then afterwards we hit one of our favorite restraints.


This is what happens to your little boys when they have older sisters!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

GiRL StUfF!!

We went to Park City this weekend with some of the girls for a little overnighter! We ate dinner at Baja Cantina and then headed over to the condo for some girl talk and movies and stuff.
Mary made us some cute little gift bags full of fun goodies!

The next morning on the way back home we stopped at Chicks Cafe in Heber for some breakfast! We all had a great and relaxing time!

It was my turn to host bunko this month! We had a full on Thanksgiving dinner - everyone brought something to share and we literally had a feast. I did the turkey and was very pleased with the turn out!
Darla, JesseAnn, Heather
Emilie, Lisa, Janet

Stacie, Janei'a

Angela, Nicolle
Stephanie, Aubree
Me, Jennifer

Jessica, Meaja

Lisa, Tiffany, Leslie



The whole gang!! Most of these girls went to the midnight showing of Twilight right after bunko! It was a fabulous night!
Thanks to all of you!

Brynn had a Fancy Nancy party at her school on Friday. She got to pick out her fancy outfit and we went and had a good time!


My companion from the MTC showed up at my house the other day! I haven't seen her since then - about 8 or 9 years ago! She lives in Texas now and is here for Thanksgiving!


Brynn had her first loose tooth! She was so excited about it, she could not wait until the tooth fairy would come! Her tooth died and turned blue before it fell out and we noticed her other tooth already growing in behind it.

So, Sean pulled it out and she was so happy!

I am a Laurel Advisor and I invited all the girls over to my house for lunch the other day! They are such a great group of girls!

We drove by this tree a couple of days ago as the sun was setting and I thought it was the prettiest tree I had ever seen. This picture does not do it justice!

Wendy turned the big 3 - 0 , so we went to Magelby's Fresh one morning to celebrate!

JesseAnn, Me
Lisa, Darla
Tamra, Meaja
Wendy, Amber

This is William on the morning of the first snow a couple of weeks ago. I was unprepared and I didn't have a coat for him. All I could find to fit was an old one of Brynn's!!
As I have mentioned before, he definatley does NOT have a girl's appetite!