Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pets, Parties, Picnics & Pals!!!

Pizza Factory

Brynn graduading from preschool.

Carmel apples galore!

Playing in the sprinklers at a family fair at our old ward.

The Relief Socitey president asked me to come and do free haircuts!
I did it for 3 & 1/2 hours straight and still had to turn people away!

Movie on bunko night.
Bunko babes!

& prizes!

Brynn totally made herself lunch one day when I was on the computer. She got it all out and cut up the veggies and cleaned up all on her own. I was so surprised!

Watching the American Idol finale @ a Laurel BBQ!

Couples bunko night!

I was always against a bird feeder until my mother in law got me one and I saw how much the kids loved to watch for the birds....
This is our new Kitty, Cali. She is really cute. Everyone loves her, but me, but I deserve some credit for agreeing to let us have a pet, right?!

Pizza, PJ, UFC fight party night!

Aaron's Bithday BBQ with the fam!

Memorial Day with the Fam @ Mama Chus.

Picnic at the park!

BBQ @ our place with some friends from England.

Beautiful sunset from our house!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mothers Day and More!...

Two baby showers in one day! Jessica had hers at Pizza Factory!
And earlier in the day we had a play group shower for Jenny and Tasha!

Happy Mothers Day to all us moms! We had a BBQ at our place on Sunday to celebrate.
William and Mitchell "Charlie"
Brynn and cousins, Hayley, Megan and Kelsey.

Sean making a monster omelett for us on Mothers Day!

This is beautiful Sundance where Kortney and Weston had their reception.
I love how Jack just sat down on Korts dress during the ring ceremony.

This was at the Timpanogos Temple on Saturday after getting to watch two special sealings that day with our good friends the Petersons and also Kortney and Weston.

Thank you to everyone who gave me flowers after I had another miscarraige and d&c surgery. Thank you for your calls, your thoughtfulness, your prayers and your kindness. I really appreciate it!

We took the kids to the Rock Canyon Carnival and had a great time!

Will thinks I look pretty funny when I try to do my hair myself!

Nana came to visit from North Carolina and take care of us for a week! Thank you Nana for all you did for us! We can never repay you for all you did while you were here! We love you and are grateful for you!

Kortney had a bachelorette party and it got pretty crazy! We had a lot of fun - as you can see!

attempting to fly a kite!

Water day at the Whalens! Thanks for a good time Rameys!

Good 'ol Mickey D's!

Yummy home made bread! One of my favorite pass times...

Homemade pizza -delicious!

My cousin, Talie graduated from BYU and we all went to dinner at Macaro ni Grill to celebrate with the fam!

This is Talie and her man, Ryan.

Uncle Mike and Aunt Melinda

sister Melody, cousin Spencer and brother Aaron

mom, dad and grandma
brother in law - Joel, sister-Shannon, cousin-Corbin

Princess William!

Tye Dying with the Laurel class!

These siblings sure do love each other!