Sunday, October 26, 2008


Halloween Costume Dinner and Bunko
We had a Halloween dinner party with some friends and it was lots of fun!
I was Dorothy and Sean was Richard Simmons.
Clay and Kristen dressed as themselves!

Thanks to everyone, dinner was really yummy!
Ben and Steph as the Fruit of the Loom characters!

Aaron and Darla as a 70's dude and a witch!
Jessica and Chad as a graduate and a painter!
Katie and Lance as the Bobbitt's!
Lisa and Brent as some hicks!
The guys...
The gals...
K( Idon't know how to spell his name!) and Jennifer as King Tut and a maid!
Greg and Sarah as a white trash dude and an Egyptian!

We all had a lot of fun dressing up and competing in Bunko!!
Kiddie Halloween Party

A bunch of us girls got together at the park with our kids to throw them a little party!
We painted pumpkins - this one is Brynn's!

They dressed up in costume and had a little parade while trick or treating for candy!

Tigger and a pumpkin - not their real costumes for this year, but easy ones for the moment!

We had a fishing pond!
And, we frosted sugar cookies!
Thanks to all who came and helped!

Gardner Village

We went to see the witches with Lisa, Kristen and Jen!
I love Gardner Village - it is such a great, cute, fun and unique place!

Girls Halloween Bunko

Lindy was my favorite - Sarah Palin!

It is tradition for our Bunko group to dress up for our October bunko and have a costume contest! Good times!

Hee Haw
Our ward youth activity was going to the maze at Hee Haw!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spook - Belly - Pumpkin - Jump!

Annual Warner Spook Alley

Every year my brother decorates his yard and his neighbors for a fun, kid friendly Halloween Party!
Most people dress up in costume!

"Scary Man" told scary stories!

My mom did a talent show for the kids!

There were a bunch of fires to stay warm and roast marshmallows!

There was yummy hot Chocolate!

And a spook Alley in the back yard! As always, it was lots of fun -thanks Aaron!

We invited a bunch of friends to come over to watch the game and BBQ- come to find out we didn't have the right channel!!

We went just with our family to Cornbelly's the other night!

It is a really cool place - we all had a good time and we were there for three hours and didn't even get to do everything!

Pumpkin Patch
We went with a bunch of friends to the pumpkin patch over Fall Break and had a great time!

Jumpin' Jacks
We went to Bailey's Birthday Party at Jumpin' Jacks last week and the kids LOVE that place!