Monday, June 23, 2008

Strawberry Days & Such!

On Saturday, we went up to Park City to see a bunch of my family and extended family run in at the end of the Wasatch Back race. They are crazy for running that - they all said it was harder than a marathon! Way to go Melody, Haley, Joel, Lindsey, Dave, Leslie and the rest of you!

On Wednesday, we headed to the Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days !
First we went to the carnival!

Then we went to the
rodeo with some friends!

On Thursday night we went with some of the fam to the Carillon Bell Tower concert.

On Friday I went up to girls camp for a couple of days, at Mia Shalom.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Festi-Full Weekend!

Fathers Day was a great day - Sean is a fantastic & wonderful dad! Our kiddos couldn't love him any more!

We went to Grammy and Grandpa's house after dinner to celebrate Fathers day with the whole family and enjoy some dessert...

Sean made himself his favorite pie to treat himself on Fathers day - lucky me!

The fam chillin...

playing dodge ball and dress up...

On Saturday we went to the Orem Summerfest! This is the Ramey clan.
Lisa and Sawyer.

Jesse Ann and Dave Mink.

Nick and Lori Rhineer.

Tiffany Garner.
Jeff and Heather Knight.
Weston and Kortney Terry.

On Friday night we went to Thanksgiving Point for the Scottish Festival. Sean got to see one of his favorites perform, the Wicked Tinkers.

On Friday afternoon we went to the park with ward friends!
Merete and Jenny.
kesley and Kirstie.
Julie and Kristen.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

George & More -ge!

We went to St. George with some of the greatest friends ever, the Rameys! And, we left the kids at home! (Thank you so much - Haley, Melody, Talie and Grammy!!)

Our first stop of all places was for a round of golf in Fillmore!! Why not...
I finally decided to start reading these dang books that all my friends won't stop talking about!
Lisa catching some rays!
Golfing buddies forever!

We drove straight into town and hit the outlets for a little shopping (where I almost got in a fight - believe it or not, you will have to ask me about that one!) and then we met up with the Harts for our fave, Texas Road House! Yum!
Lisa's sisters, Jena and Casi came too!

Of course, Sean had to get Nielsons Custard!
Delicious leftovers!
We came back to our place for some gaming &
some hot tubing!

The next day we actually went to the gym and then came straight home to play some tennis!
After that we went swimming. The boys created a wave pool for us!
Later that night we went and saw Iron man and then hit up Pancho and Lefty's!
On Sunday we went to breakfast at the Bear Paw and hit the pool again for a while before we had to head home!

This is the kiddos at Thanksgiving point...

We brought our friend, Jack with us to the petting zoo!

Gracie and Brynn are such good buddies!

It really wiped the little ones out!

Cousin Mitchell came to play - we thought it would be fun to give him a haircut! This is the before and after!

Oh gosh! Swimming with friends...

Brynn loving her kitty.

Tepanyaki with some high school friends!

The Terry's and us at the PG fire department breakfast!