Wednesday, April 15, 2009



We had the whole fam over for Easter dinner and then had an egg hunt afterwards.

I asked my nephew to dress up in the bunny costume and all his cousins chased him, that is not what I had in mind, but I guess they were having fun either way!


My beautiful family.

Will had never worn a tie...he was loving it!


I think this is about the 5Th year in a row that we have planned a big friend, neighborhood, community egg hunt up at Rock Canyon Park!

It is so much fun every year. I am always nervous about the weather cooperating, but this year I was even more nervous as I woke up the morning of to Lot's of snow!

As you can see, our prayers were answered at we couldn't have asked for nicer weather! It cleared up just in time!

The pinata is always such a big things for the kids that we had two this year!

This year we upgraded the bunny suit!

Brynn wanted to dress up as a bunny too! Her she is with some cousins.

The egg hunt was a success, as I never heard anyone complain about not getting enough eggs!

This year we added some new fun activities! We had a bean bag toss.

We had a cute Easter craft.

We did cookie decorating and we had Easter coloring sheets.

THANK YOU TO ALL MY AWESOME FRIENDS AND FAMILY WHO DID SO MUCH TO HELP! I COULDN'T HAVE PULLED IT OFF WITHOUT YOU! And, of course thank you to all who came and made it worth planning!! It was so much fun, as always!! See you at next year's hunt!

SO Behind!

So, here is the deal...I haven't blogged in forever, I haven't even been checking other blogs. It all started when my Internet went down a while back and kept going from there...then the computer wouldn't work, then the camera broke, then I forgot to put the card in the new camera, then I just kind of stopped taking pictures all together, then I couldn't figure out how to down load on the new computer, then blogger wasn't working, then I just got out of the habit, then it seemed like such a huge task to try and get caught up, etc, etc...

Anyway, all is well and now, here are a some pictures of a few of the things we have done the past three months! Don't worry, I kept it to a minimum!


Some of the girls in my ward got together late one night and made crepes and Italian sodas and just hung out and talked and played games!


Once a year, all the girls in my family go stay up in Salt Lake for the night. This time we ate at Cheesecake Factory, chilled at the Hotel, ate treats, watched movies, sat in the hot tub and stayed up literally through the middle of the night just talking. The next morning we ate breakfast and went shopping and then went to lunch before heading home! It is always such a great time!


Last weekend we went to lunch with some of the girls to celebrate a bunch of the March and April Birthdays! It is always a treat to go out with the girls!


My niece, Eliza got baptized a couple weeks ago and afterwards all of the fam went to the park for a small feast!


A few of the ward couples hit Dinner at an Indian joint and then devoured some delicious Italian Gelato from Maestro's afterwards!


Occasionally, I get to be a guest at my friends playgroup! This time it was Lori's Birthday and we met up and played at the park!


This was probably one of the first nice days and we had to get out of the house and met up at the park with some friends!


It is no secret that we like to celebrate our Irish heritage on St. Patrick's Day. Each year we try to invite friends that have never had a traditional dinner....and show them that it is pretty normal and yummy food!


Kristen invited Brynn and I to go to the Library Fairy Lunch and we had a ball!

Of course, the girls were in heaven!


William turned 3! I feel like he had already been three forever and even now, I have to stop and remind myself he is not 4! I'm not sure why, kind of weird!

We celebrated a few different times. Once at home with my mom and Dad,

and we had a little party with some friends at McDonald's one day,

and, thanks to Nana, we have a new tradition at our house that when it is your Birthday, you get breakfast in bed!

We also had a surprise visit from Sean's mom who came to celebrate William's Birthday too. So, while she was here, we had some friends and family over for some cake and ice cream!