Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jackson Hole GIRLS TRIP!!!

I went with Lisa, Emilie, Meaja and Darla to Jackson Hole for the weekend!
We stopped at the grocery store before heading in for the night.
I couldn't help, but grin about the Idaho Spud candy bar for sale at the grocery store in Driggs!
Then we went to stay at Darla's beautiful house in Victor.

Thank you so much Darla!

That night we did some masks and stayed up way late just talking.
Friday and Saturday morning we went on a walk/run around the neighborhood.
As you can see, the views are amazing.
Then we stopped at a hole in the wall for some dang good, authentic Mexican food!
Afterwards, we headed in to town and did some shopping and people watching and went to see the new Bat Man movie.

For dinner, we ate at the Bunnery. We all enjoyed it!

We of course, had to take a picture by the antler arch!
On our way back to the house we spotted a carnival - I got so excited and we had to go check it out!

Darla braved a scary ride all by herself!
The next day we went to eat lunch at Billy's Burgers and I ran into my next door neighbor, Diane and her family!
I got caught taking a picture and was punished by getting ice thrown on me!

The burgers and fries were delicious and the atmosphere was very entertaining.

They put Diane to work and then we opened our mouths and got Lisa in the Kitchen trying to get us some free food hook ups!
Lisa, I think you could fit right in! Ha!

So, after lunch our plan was to go to Jennys Lake and soak up some of the beautiful surrounding there, but instead we ended up at Teton Village and Darla treated us to a ride on the super huge Gondola!

It was very pretty and cool to see the view from the top!

Then we went and ate at Merry Piglets. They have delicious chips and salsa!

After a little more shopping, we headed back "home" where we played some cards and some hide and seek!

Then, Meaja shared her talents with us and did some extracting and some chemical peels - it was awesome!

That night we stayed up really late again just laughing and talking!

The next day we played some more and cleaned up the house before we had to depart!

We stopped at a little local joint for some more grub before hitting the road!

Good Bye for now Victor!
After dropping everyone off at their houses - I was about to mine when the car ran out of gas and Sean had to come rescue me in the pouring rain when I was stranded on the side of the road! Whoops! I guess there is a first for everything!

While I was away, Sean took the kids to the Fairview area and went camping! What a good dad!
It looks so pretty!
The kids were in Heaven eating their smores!
Checking for Bears!

All snuggled in for the night!
Hiking the next morning.

And, the kids first time to fish too!

We all got to have a fun weekend!!