Monday, September 29, 2008


So, I decided to start a new blog!  I will still post on this one regularly, but check out the other one too!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

BRIDAL VEIL, a Birthday, Burning Bread and Bouncing!!

Sunday after church we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and go see some of the beautiful fall colors up the canyon.

We took a picnic lunch and stopped at Bridal Veil Falls.

Sean got to have some fun taking pictures with his camera.

I think this one is really cool...

OK, so not to bombard you with pictures of Brynn, but I thought this was a really cool sequence of pictures and it shows a little of how she loves to pose for the camera. Believe it or not this is probably only about half the pictures Sean took of her hamming it up!

We ran into my friend, Kristen from hair school up their which I thought was pretty crazy just because she lives in St. George and just happened to be here visiting. She has a house in the same ward as our house down there which I found out not long ago after seeing her at church when we were visiting for the weekend! Brynn and her little girl hadn't even met, but she asked us to take her picture with her - it was cute!

Sean helped a family in our ward move over the weekend and we scored a new trampoline out of the deal! Of course, the kids love it and are so happy about it! And, it makes for a more comfy outdoor movie night too!

One of my closest friends of all time, Erin, turned 30 this past week! We celebrated up at snowbird on Friday night! This is Jenny, Erin and Hayley.

Steph and Ben.

William using his hands to eat just Ranch dressing.
Steph, me, Erin, Tasha, Jenny.

So, I got this yummy pumpkin bread recipe from a friend and thought I would triple it and take it to some neighbors. It turned out to be a bad idea - all like 12 mini loafs majorly spilled over and literally started a fire in my oven. It was scary!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Here We Go Again!!...


This past family night we let Brynn choose where to go eat and once again, she chose sushi!


We have had lots of friends over to play the past couple of weeks.
We got together at my mom's house and made smores and hung out with the family on Sunday night.

We went camping with the Gunn's on Friday and had a blast.
It was the first time Sean and I had ever gone camping together.
We had some delicious hot dogs and foil dinners!

Bubba was covered in marshmallow!

It was pretty cold, luckily we were prepared!


So, William walks into the house the other day holding this dead bird and saying, "kitty eat this, mom." Oh boy!


We took the kiddos to Trafalga last week and had a ton of fun golfing in the dark!


Will was messing around at Brynn's dance class. He is so boy.

Our kids love Sea food! Touching it...
and eating it!


Brynn always wants to ride her scooter to school. So, I drive down our big hill and pull over and follow both of them to school. Kind of cheesy, but they love it!


This is the millionth time the cat has scratched or bit one of us. This time I had blood gushing out and it hurt so bad! I know, poor me - blah, blah, blah.
Anyone looking to get a pet?!! - call me!