Sunday, August 16, 2009

Here We Go Again!...


My brother and sister in law put on a sweet street dance party at their place this weekend!
Luckily, I was able to drag some friends along with us!

We had the Martins, Rameys and Gunns over for a potluck, game, dance, movie night!
It was so much fun! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!

We went to a reception and saw our old neighbors! Move back already!

Step told us about the cool new splash park up in Highland, so we decided to check it out!
It was fun stuff!

We haven't seen these guys in the yard for quite some time. They love to eat our grass. I have to say, they don't get scared very easily!

Our neighbors grand kids came to visit for 10 days and we got to play with them a lot. Brynn and the Grace and Maddy became good friends!

We intended to go to the Dino museum on $2 Tuesday until we saw the all the lines out the door and around the building! So, we opted for Cabella's!

And, then a lunch stop at Jimmy Johns! MMMmmm! I wish they sold their wheat bread!

The Coleman's invited us over for a delicious dinner with Nicks homemade ribs and BBQ sauce! They were a hit, along with mete pasta premivera and homemade ice cream and Katie's homemade bread and butter cake!!! We sure ate in style this night!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Family Reunion!

We had our annual Warner Family reunion this past weekend in Park City!
The first night we ate at Main Street Pizza and Noodle - I forgot to take pictures!
Afterwards we chilled at the condos and had treats and Grammy told stories to the little ones!

Mitchell holding Jones
Maggie and Jones

Maggie and Pierce - good timing!
Aunt Jenni and Pierce

Will and Brynn having a pre-breakfast snack at our condo before heading to my parents condo for actual breakfast!

Feeding the ducks

William and his food...!

On Friday, grandpa got us all day passes to the alpine slides and stuff! It was a blast!
Here we are on the lift.
Will trying to pull his own sled!

The coaster ride is the best!

Aren't my neices cute?!
Thanks Grammy and Grandpa for an awesome weekend!
A little mini golf...
Taking turns watching the babies!
Aaron and Joel climbing the rock wall.
Airplane ride!
Bungee Trampoline!

Merry Go Round!
Funny story...Joel was giving me a hard time for changing the diaper on the table, so I threw it at him and it stuck on his shirt!
We spent a lot of time at the pool - a bit every day!

Friday night the adults went to eat at Loco Lizard. It is yummy.

Wednesday night we went to the Owl's game with the Ramey's!

Mary always puts on a great party for her kids with homemade crafts and home cooked food!
And, here she is looking adorable and happy, even considering the wind and rain putting a damper on the party as it was at Vivian Park!