Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our NEW Addition!!!

We spent Father's Day at the hospital.... HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO SEAN!
We LOVE you!!!
Family waited patiently...

as I was in getting my c-section.


Paul Whalen

was born in just a few minutes of starting surgery,

but he had some difficulties breathing, etc,

so it was hours and hours before we could actually see him and hold him!

The kids were soooo happy to see him, they love him so much already!!

He was by far the biggest baby I have had, weighing 8LBS 6OZS!

Proud Nana!

Thank goodness she came from North Carolina to take care of all of us for a couple of weeks!

Pierce was welcomed by many friends and family!

We are grateful for all of their support and love!

Pierce looks a lot like the other two kids did when they were born, but the other two look much different from each other now, so it will be fun to see who he ends up looking more like!

You are the best Grandpa!! (and Grammy too!)

We were so happy to bring him home!!

It didn't take Sean long to adjust!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your thoughts, prayers, well wishes, visits, gifts, meals, love and support! We are so appreciative!


Sweet big sister reading Pierce a story.
We love our new baby!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Party People!!

Lisa's Birthday Dinner We went to our favorite, Texas Road House!! to celebrate Lisa's Birthday!
We had such a great, relaxing and enjoyable time!

And, once again, I couldn't ask for a better group of friends!

Yeeee Haawww!! Birthday Girl!

Surprise Shower
So, a bunch of my amazing friends decided to throw me a surprise baby shower. I had told them, "no, thank you" when they had asked me because I didn't need anything.
Well, they decided to throw me one anyway and turned it into a pampering shower rather than for baby things!
I couldn't have been more surprised, or thrilled, or embarrassed!
You girls are so dang awesome!! I have enjoyed getting my massage and pedicure and my hair done and I am looking forward to my spray tan too!
I couldn't have asked for any nicer thing to happen to me!

This past weekend we had a girls night up in Salt Lake!
We started out at the hotel pool!

Then, we were joined a little later with some more friends for Dinner @ Red Rock!

Later, we went back to the hotel.
Here is JesseAnn trying to smuggle in her memory foam bed!
We all chilled and did mini pedicures, painted nails, did facials, groomed eyebrows, jammed out to music, ate lots of treats, and the best part; a whole lot of girl talk into the wee hours of the night!

In the morning we ate some breakfast together and then we hit the farmers market before heading home!
It was such a great time! Thanks to all my amazing friends!

Saturday we decided to join the crowds at the parade!

We had a good time with the Ramey's and Gunn's and DeGraffs!!
We were forced to leave early because of the rain and missed out on the rides and the fireworks!

William stood there forever just waving at every entry that drove by! He loved it!